CBD on Planes During Air Travel is ok via TSA

Taking to mind the varied opinions patterning to the CBD on planes during air travel, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a statement on the issue. It should be noted that although CBD and other cannabis and hemp-related products are legal in some states, other states have very strict laws in place about the products, and have less chatter about making an attempt to board an airplane with such products.


CBD TSA Travel Rules & Law

With the confusing nature of the laws put in place by the TSA, passengers are left very confused considering there was a grandma who was arrested for trying to bring her doctor-prescribed CBD into Disney World while some people had their CBD edibles confiscated by the police, even though Whole Foods can sell them on its shelves.

With that in mind, the TSA is official with the declaration of allowing people to fly in airplanes with their CBD and hemp related products to the relief of many airplane passengers. Considering that CBD is legal under federal law the TSA, which happens to be a United States Federal Agency, is gradually being affected by the wind of change patterning to what airline passengers can bring upon traveling to their various destinations.



Thanks to this law implemented by the TSA, most families can now travel freely with CBD induced products such as the Epidiolex drug, which is hemp-derived and serves as a panacea for children suffering from epilepsy. This can only be done as long as the production of the CBD based product is within the regulations stipulated by the laws of the state under the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp and hemp derivatives.


Cannabis and High THC Still Not Allowed

It should be noted that this TSA rule still takes a firm stand and implements bans on other forms of cannabis, not hemp, including the gummies you can get from California, the brownie’s your cousin made for you in Oregon not forgetting the joint you cleverly slipped right into your tampons upon visiting Colorado. These would all have over the legal limit of 0.3% THC. With that said, the TSA has however instructed their officers not to search for marijuana or other illegal drugs on passengers except in certain outstanding cases.

One of the issues that could arise is caused by the fact that not all the tests used in the field can’t tell the difference between CBD and THC yet. Since both come from the cannabis sativa plant, both CBD and THC show up on the test as the same thing.

So, if a TSA agent finds your CBD, and tests it, you might want to be sure you have a copy of the Certificate of Analysis with you. This is the best way to show them your product is legal.



With that in mind, although the TSA has generally instructed their officers not to search for marijuana or other illegal drugs on passengers, the CBD oils that are potent in THC, or above 0.3%, are very much still illegal under federal law and as such are not allowed on planes. Taking to mind the fact that the most common field tests conducted by authorities are not capable of identifying the differences between the THC and the CBD products, this is certainly making flying tricky for those that have illegal poducts.

However, irrespective of these stipulations made on the TSA guidelines, the agency firmly warns that the final decision is left in the hands of the TSA officer on duty. The non-existent or unclear rules governing cannabidiol (CBD) makes traveling with a drug rich non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant worrisome.  Every use must know exactly what is in theor own product they have purchased. If not sure, they should be able to ask the company from whom they ppurchased, the facts. If the company will not help, you should look for a new source to obtain your CBD.

With the CBD having been used as a huge relief mechanism for patients suffering from varied disorders, questions are still being asked and as such, are leading travelers to have to rethink packing their CBD products in their luggage(s).  This rule by the TSA clarifies a lot but most feel like it is not 100%.


Airplanes, Patients and CBDs?

When it comes to traveling on airplanes especially for patients who find the CBD beneficial to their health, the ones with minor conditions may endure a certain degree of discomfort without relief from their CBD based supplements. However, the same can’t be said of a person possessed with a severe ailment and those hugely reliant on the CBD for their day to day functioning. This alone may be detrimental to the health of the patient while on transit, and they may feel this rule frees them up as much as legally possible.


Laws and Regulations Governing the CBD

Considering most countries the world over (including the US) have a regulatory board charged with handling transport related activities, the TSA, which is a Federal Agency of the Department of Homeland Security, is the main organization charged with overseeing public transportation in the United States.
Therefore, in other to maintain the safety of travelers, the TSA has placed bans on certain goods/items on board an airplane, one of which is the medical cannabis as well as products derived from the drug. Via the TSA official website, they previously prohibited the CBD claiming it is illegal under federal law. While this policy works for CBD derived from cannabis (over 0.3% THC), the same can’t be said of the CBD derived from hemp (usually under 0.3% THC) which has been federally approved and legalized under the Agricultural Improvement act.
With this in mind and powered by the TSA’s adjusted excerpt, you now have the all clear to board the CBD on a plane as long as it derived from hemp (under 0.3% THC) while it meets the standards put in place by the authorities that be. While the CBD from hemp is allowed on board airplanes, the same can’t be said for CDB derived from marijuana as still has too much THC to be deemed legal.
Taking to mind the fact that the CBD and other hemp-derived products are increasingly getting popular in the US, there is a possibility that some of the tight regulations surrounding the product will gradually become more lenient in the near future. It is ultimately the users’ responsibility to learn all the rules and regulations before they travel to ensure the safety of everyone.



  1. Very good and informative article. CBD should be allowed on flights, when it is indicated and medically necessary. It is on Whole Foods shelves and is also given with medical permission and supervision by a dispensary.

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