Welcome to CBDTweet Affiliates!

You are here not only because you love helping people, but you would like to make a business or some revenue from sharing the good word about CBD and all the wonders it can provide for some people. We are here to promote natural holistic healing over damaging pharmaceutical and addictive opioids.


This is an amazing opportunity for people already in the space of health, wellness, recovery, medical, veterans, and much more! Local spas, doctor’s offices, masseuses, and even ice cream parlors are incorporating more CBD every single day. The possibilities are limitless. This is also great for students and part time employees who would love the freedom of working from anywhere on their phone or laptop.


Affiliate Business Summary

For those of you not familiar with the affiliate business model, here is a quick description, and more to follow later.

  • You sign up with the link on this page below as you scroll down
  • You receive your own custom web link
  • You send people the link via text or email
  • They click and buy
  • You get 20% of every sale by your referrals
  • You collect payment from us every 2 weeks
  • NO signup fees, monthly dues or product requirements… this is NOT an MLM but straight sales
  • Done! You do not stock any product, no shipping, no customer service, no handling refunds. All you do is send them the link and you are finished.

What is CBD?

For those of you who are not totally familiar with CBD yet, it is a naturally occurring oil extracted from the hemp plant, which is a cousin to the cannabis plant, but it is naturally very low in THC.

  • Low THC means CBD does not carry the psychoactive effects in regular doses that cannabis does.
  • Because we keep the THC levels clearly under 0.3% our CBD products are legal in all 50 states through the 2018 Farm Bill that was passed by the U.S. Government.
  • CBD has been used by many people for more than a thousand years for assisting in many symptoms and conditions that the human body suffers.
  • Today, most users of CBD suffer from anxiety, stress, body aches and pains, insomnia, arthritis, and more.
  • There are minor side effects suffered by an extremely small percentage of users. Some may be nausea, stomach aches, and drowsiness.
  • The World Health Organization has stated that CBD has presented no public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD.


Consider the difference in the side effects of opioids and certain pharmaceuticals:
Blurry vision, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation, chance of stroke or heart attack, addiction, vomiting, dry mouth, anxiety, irritability, slowed breathing, unconsciousness, coma, respiratory depression, delirium, myoclonus (spasms), pruritus (itching), overdose, overdose related death, fractures, intestinal blockage, sexual problems, urinating issues, risk of falling, low blood pressure, and more.

Can you get positive drug tested?

From millions of users of CBD, there has been a few who have been tested positive in a drug test. There is no definitive information on whether they took the right dosage or if there were any flaws in their testing process.

Some data have shown that you need to ingest over 1000mg a day to risk testing positive in a drug test. For comparison, you would need to ingest two full bottles of our 600mg (15ml) product every day in order to be in this category. The standard dosage most people take are half an eye dropper portion to less than 2 full eye droppers a day, which equates to about 15mg-60mg. No one should be taking 1000mg daily unless you have a specific medical condition that warrants that with doctor approval.

Even though this is a minuscule percentage, if you value your only job to the highest degree, please check with your company/boss first. Many companies are using drug testing companies that now allow certain testing tolerances for people who use CBD due to health reasons.

We do have plans to add zero THC products to our line as well at a later date,  even though those products are usually slightly less effective than the full spectrum CBD we provide currently. Either way, you cannot get high off of a CBD product like you do from cannabis.


The Endocannabinoid System

CBD works by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam. When Dr. David Allen, a retired cardiac surgeon and cannabinoid research scientist, commented on his thoughts about this discovery, he said, “The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical, scientific discovery ever. More people will be saved by manipulation of the endocannabinoid system than are currently saved by surgery.”

The endocannabinoid system, which evolved almost 600 million years ago but only “discovered” in the late 1990’s, helps maintain the immune system for filtration, brain functions, body temperature control, and pain receptors. Thus as CBD reacts directly with this system, it can affect a multitude of these components and its secondary systems.


What Does This Mean for You?

We are at the precipice of the rocket launch. The trend of CBD business in this country is obvious. It hit over $500 million in 2018, is slated to be a $16 billion industry by 2025. The main growth will be in the next 2-3 years. The people who get a head start on this now will be the ones who will enjoy the fruits of this labor in the years afterwards WHILE feeling great that you helped others in their needs.

Here you can see the inexorable rise of CBD in popularity online. Take advantage of it now!


As far as CBD itself, there has never been and never will be a 100% guarantee that it will help 100% of people for 100% of illnesses and ailments, and nor should we ever promise that. What we DO know is that it has helped millions of people for hundreds of years for various issues of the human body. Some are, but not limited to:

• Pain • Fibromyalgia
• Anxiety / Stress • Reduced Risk of Cancer/Symptoms
• Anti-inflammatory • Neuroprotective Properties
• Arthritis • Heart Health
• Protects and Heals the Skin • Schizophrenia + Other Mental Disorders
• Reduce Acne • Substance Abuse Treatment / Addiction
• Depression / Mood Disorders • Anti-Tumor Effects
• Insomnia / Sleep Apnea • Diabetes / Obesity Prevention
• Seizures / Epilepsy • Better Cholesterol profiles
• Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms • Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
• Deter Neurodegenerative Diseases • Brain Health
• Strengthens Bone Health • Alzheimer's Symptoms


Our Affiliate Program

You will be provided your own web site link URL, like

where your USERNAME will be the extension at the end of the URL as you see above for “user” SuzieQQ.

You share this link with anyone who can benefit from CBD, i.e., friends, family, work associates, etc.… When they click on it, all purchases made by them will result in a 20% commission for you. A 25% commission is available for all social influencers who have at least 20,000 followers in Instagram, Twitte, or Facebook. You will be paid out every 2 weeks on a specified date to be named later, with a minimum payout amount of $100.

Affiliate Rules & Suggestions

  1. Remember the primary mission: TO HELP PEOPLE

  2. You must represent the company and the brand of CBDTweet as you would your own company. There will be no defamation of the company or product. You can always contact us to resolve any issues.

  3. This is not an MLM (multi-level marketing / pyramid business) and nor should you ever present it as such. You are in straight sales. People you know or meet purchase through your link, and you get paid commission.

  4. You may register your own URL of you would like to present your own brand, i.e., and forward that to your CBDTweet URL/web address. Then you can put on all your business cards and marketing materials. We can help you with all this for additional fees starting at $75 and a possible monthly fee depending on your package.

    Pointing your custom URL is a starter solution to private labeling. Private labeling is when you have a brand you would like to promote as your own product. Then the bottles you sell would not have the CBDTweet logo and information anymore, but instead, your personal company and brand name. More information on this is provided in the Wholesale section.

  5. Work at anytime and anywhere you want. This business model truly allows you to earn as much as you want, whenever you want. You can be on the beach in Miami, meet someone lying next to you moaning about his back, and refer him to your link, and every time he purchases, you get your commission no matter what you are doing next week or next year. You can make this a full time job or work 10 minutes a week.

  6. We will provide you materials to help you succeed. For our associates only, we will provide for you marketing materials, tips on how to maximize your time, and help you achieve the success you want. Additional fees will apply if you would like to order customized materials for your business.

  7. You do not carry any inventory, take any payment, ship any products or deal with any customer support issues. All you do is point someone to your website and you are done!

  8. All affiliates need to be well educated on the purpose and facts about CBD. Going to people with partial knowledge is a sure way to spread false information which already pervades this industry. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletters and make sure you read all the great articles we will produce for you to be on the cutting edge of CBD knowledge. You will be an expert in no time and you will thus, also see your revenue increase! Keeping a note file or pad is highly suggested.

Final Words

Much more information to be added as we grow together and we leave you with one final thought. You may feel great about doing this not only to help others, but because we make it our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE to use the highest premium ingredients that are organic in material and processing, to ensure that there is no product out there that is superior to ours. We do not infuse any ingredient that is not absolutely necessary for the job each product is supposed to do. We only garner oils from Oregon and Colorado, easily the two capitals of CBD of the world. We have had ZERO negative feedback so far from our clientele.


So Why Should You Stick with Us?

  • We want to do this the right way
  • We want the best people to join us in our endeavor to change the world one person at a time
  • We want to build something fantastic so that we can be proud of ourselves and say that we helped people get better the natural way
  • We want to help veterans who have had a hard enough time without having to worry about their pains and distresses from serving our country
  • We want to help the wildlife and tigers who have been victimized by human greed and carelessness
  • Eventually we would would love to aid in the national education system to instill knowledge of all cultures around the world to our young children so they can immerse themselves into these facts at an early age

We truly appreciate the fact that you read through all of this, and we hope that we can support and serve you to the success you wish to see in yourself.

Good luck and well wishes!

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