Why is CBD Not Working for Me?

You have heard all the stories about people being helped by CBD. You saw that some of their conditions are also ones you have experienced and were looking for a better, natural way to handle them.

So you go to the nearest convenient location or online and buy the cheapest, midline, or expensive one you can find, and are so excited to try it. You go through the rest of your day, and then come evening, time to relax, and… CBD!

You take out the tincture bottle, and carefully open it to not lose a drop of a liquid that feels more expensive than gold.

First Contact

Then you take a deep breath and suck up some CBD oil into the dropper, and realize, wait a second, how much should I really use this first time? You don’t want to use too little and not feel anything. You don’t want to use too much and not only waste some, but possibly overdosing even though you have heard there is no such thing as long as you follow the instructions.

But this bottle didn’t come with instructions besides what a “serving size” is. But how can a company possibly know what the serving size is for you?

So what most people do, you guess. You suck up the CBD oil to about half the dropper, then release it under your tongue. This feels oddly satisfying yet you also feel like you are doing something wrong.

You hold it there for however long the label states, and then you swallow it, in all its earthy, dirt-like goodness.

Waiting Game

So after the oil is down, you immediately wonder… When do the actual effects start?

Wait, are you already feeling it?

No… maybe… hard to tell.

For many, they start feeling something. These feelings vary wildly, from lower anxiety, calmness, reduction of pain, reduced feeling of stress, and more.

But you feel… nothing? You try to act like it works. But you still feel the pain. You still feel your heart beating way too fast. You still can’t sleep.

How long is this supposed to take?

Wait, did I take the wrong amount? Is it the wrong time of day? What am I supposed to do if I feel, nothing?


If you are like most, you will try another few days, a week, two weeks, until you come to terms saying that this doesn’t work for you. You accept the fact that either others have experienced a placebo effect or some other reasons you do not even care to entertain now. Then you give up, saying CBD is not for you.

Reasons & Solutions

The truth is, everyone IS different. No one in this industry is to claim that it 100% helps you or any single one individual. Not even the best doctors in the world can tell you that because no one is an expert in YOUR endocannabinoid system. However, knowing that so many and such a high percentage of our users have experienced the benefits, here are the real reasons it may not have worked for you.

  1. You smoke cannabis or cannabis products with a high THC at the same time.

    Cannabis is NOT CBD, and we have found that many users that smoke cannabis do not gain the full effects of CBD. It is highly recommended that you use just one or the other at any given time frame. This does not mean it can not work for everyone in this case, but this is the data from our users.

  2. You did not titrate up enough to the dosage you need.

    First time users need a little experimentation to find their right portions. We suggest, on a 500mg CBD bottle of 15ml, that you start at about 1/3 to 1/2 of a full dropper, and then titrate up from there every 2 days by a 1/2 at a time. So:

    Day 1: 1/2 dropper
    Day 2: 1/2 dropper
    Day 3: 1 full dropper
    Day 4: 1 full dropper
    Day 5: 1.5 full dropper

    etc… until you feel the effects desired.

    Advice from users is that you know you are taking too much if you feel adverse negative effects, like extreme nausea/dry mouth/dizziness etc… If you feel nothing, it is usually safe to keep titrating up, but at the end of the day, make sure you get checked out with the doctor as well to make certain you are not doing something that might be detrimental to our health and well being.

    It is possible some users will need 3-4 or more droppers to feel the effects they need. But most of our users are satisfied with less than a full dropper in each dose, where a full dropper of our 500mg 15ml bottle is 34mg of CBD.

  3. You did not hold the CBD oil long enough to absorb fully.

    We have heard some people drop the CBD oil under their tongue and then swallow after 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc…. We usually suggest that you hold it there for 90 seconds. This allows time for the oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the vein called the sublingual gland, which allows the oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. After 90 seconds, you can swallow straight or with a little water to dilute the taste.

  4. You used an inferior method of delivery.

    Direct injection, suppository and sublingual delivery has proven to have the highest bioavailability for CBD to enter the bloodstream. Vaping is also great but not a great option for those that don’t smoke or never plan on smoking. Pills and gummies taken to the stomach can have much lower bioavailability than the other methods above, so with the same amount of milligrams of CBD in the product, a smaller percentage can be absorbed.

  5. Your brand of CBD isn’t right for you.

    Believe it or not, every CBD company uses a different oil and some use different carriers. There are no two companies that use the same exact components in their final bottle with another, just like there are no two snowflakes that are identical. These are natural products, not stamped out from a plastic template.

    Plants, soil, air, extraction techniques all differ. We have had many people say they had tried other brands that were ok or somewhat effective, but when they used ours, they found a difference in quality. Does this mean this is guaranteed for you? Does that mean we are better than every other company’s products? No, it simply means that their particular bodies accepted and processed one product better than another to get the help they needed.

  6. Maybe it really isn’t for you.
    After all the above, if you still feel zero effects, then you may be the small percentage that CBD no effect on… it’s just nature. Feel free to post in our forum to discuss with other users on what has worked for them, and hopefully you will find some more answers there.

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