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500MG Premium CBD Tincture

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Elite quality Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture with organic CBD from Oregon and Colorado with superior cold ethanol extraction to maintain maximum beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. Over a decade of research has formulated the ideal agents in processing to surpass other products on the market. Effectiveness = safer, need less dosing, and lasts longer.

  • Organic processes and ingredients from seed to sale
  • Formulated only with CBD plus organic MCT oil (coconut)
  • No other ingredients are used that are not absolutely necessary to benefit you in any way
  • Includes all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum entourage effect
  • Natural earthy flavor… this is not diluted with any flavors or third party ingredients
  • For men and women. Children please check your doctors/pediatricians first.
  • With no harmful ingredients and a THC level way below the legal limit of 0.3%, this is safe for pets at very low doses. We are coming out with a pet tincture, but if you use this version, make sure you only start with one drop of oil from the dropper and go up from there. In comparison, most people use a half of the full dropper dose (17mg CBD) but for pets you can use much less than that.
  • No testing on any animals
  • CBD oils only from Oregon or Colorado, the 2 capitals of the hemp world
  • Made in the USA

Organic MCT, CBD Oil

19 reviews for 500MG Premium CBD Tincture


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  1. JG777

    Honestly I see a big difference in this one, I only have to take a 1/2 dropper all day with the other one I had to take it a couple times a day, just don’t go out of business and make me have to go back to the watered down crap :)))

  2. ShhhGrrr

    I’ve worked up to a 1/2 dropper. I have reduced my Advil by 1/2 during the day. And my acne seems improved too.

  3. KatManDo

    I used to have hip pain every morning… Now I can walk without wincing

  4. Natural4me

    I’m ok sleeping on time but no more nightmares and waking up in cold sweat after taking this before bed… going to continue trying and see but if this keeps happning i can finally get some better rest I think

  5. pandpandp

    always had aches with new job and not very pleasant but this really seems to do something where i feel looser and less pain overall.. weird but whatever, if it works i dont care how

  6. positiveisbestest

    After surgery I was nervous that chronic pain will last forever so i tried some some other CBD oils my friends told em about and they worked… then i saw this at a trade show and decided why not… never thought there could be a difference between two oils that are supposedly both “cbd”? But I guess the guy was telling the truth with all his explanations about processing and terpens and things that he said was to make this better. I dont know the science really but the diffrence is making me happy for now. Who knows whats the best out there but as long as I am happy now, that is all i care about for myself and that i can finally relax more than i thought possible. so thankful. Oh and with this one, i just tried using less to experiment, and in fact, i did feel the same effects using much less than before, which means even though at first i thought the bottle was small because the other one was bigger, it really evens out in how long the bottle will last, in fact this might last longer we will see

  7. flowerchild9

    I was about to pull the trigger on a $20 bottle on Amazon when my friend there told me are you crazy, dont get that crap! I was like huh? what u mean, isnt this hemp oil? long story short, she told me to get CBDTweet because someoen gave her a sample and said this is it, and i said how much, and was susprised. She said stop being cheap and dont go for that stuff that might have pesticides or less than 10% of what they claim.

  8. emplic

    I’m a vet and it was nice for them to give me a discount on my limited finances. What is better is this worked better than anything I ever tried. Loyalty served.

  9. photogenic

    I wish I didnt have to taste that earthy thing but I was told by a few people that the fake flavors are not really something I should want, so I guess thats fine. As long as this keeps working for me, I will put up with “earthiness” they call it since my aches and discomfort is a lot more of a issue than 60 seconds of the taste. Myabe someday they will make a “natural” good tasting CBD, is that possible?

  10. mohabbata

    I was pretty happy with my previous brand but someone told me I just HAD to try this, and I trust him, so I did and boy am I glad. I HAD NO IDEA that two “CBD” products can actually be SO different in effectiveness.Thanks god I gave in to trying.

  11. preti

    I think it dulled my aches and pains a bit but I am hoping it’ll do more as I raise the dose more.

  12. usefull

    I can not tell if it is placebo effect or if it really works but “I think” I feel less pain in my joint where before the pain was just so annoying the anger management techniques were losing. Now I feel like I can actually do the things I need to do, so placebo or not, I will stick withit as long as it keeps making me feel this way.

  13. proser

    My sleep was fairly inconsistent in the past and I have been meaning to try this but my friend who just came back from a golf tournament gave me one and said try it, so I did and it was weird how no only have I been falling asleep more normally, but I feel like when I wake up, I feel more rested etc…… if this continues to work, it is a godsend and I owe my guy a beer or 20!

  14. SuperLis

    I used to wake up around 1am all the time and now I’m up at about 4am, definitely helps me with my sleep

  15. jack

    I dont know how it works but I usually have anxiety when I drive but this time I took half a dropper of the oil and I don’t think my heart rate went up more than a few bpm the WHOLE drive… weird but I will have to continue using this… too much road rage in the past and this will be a godsend!

  16. susienteddy

    I really like this one. We’ve been using the CBD Plus but I like this better. Thanks!

  17. NJ Farms

    Incredible article. Can you suggest a couple of pretty good CBD Oil brand names?

  18. oprol evorter

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

  19. GrecJa

    I use your CBD Tweet Full Spectrum oil and am convinced this has helped me to maintain a very active sports focus lifestyle and feel great. Thanks .

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