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    Has anyone here actually taken this to help with their anxiety? I hear stories but I don’t personally know anyone yet…


    With some of the dreadful reactions I have had to medications I mostly say no to drugs. The psychotropics turn me psycho. I read about addictions and have been through thus…I went off cold turkey with pain medication, antidepressants, anti psychotics, anti anxiety…I do not care to go through anything like that again. If I can get something stronger than an OTC I only want a low dose and do not want to go through what I did in 2010 again. This is where I am currently. Maybe my pain is not as severe as pain is for others. I do know what withdrawal is like and…I have had a good life all in all. I endeavor to be content and learn what I can. I do know what does not work for me.


    @jason, this is exactly the reason I want to look into the CBD. I don’t want to go through these withdrawals again either! However, if I find myself needing to go back on the meds I will taper off much slower when it comes time to quit them.


    i just got my certification for medical marijuana. Upon buying what was recommended I was given CBD oil, I’ve not been on it a week yet today will be my fourth day of using it. It takes about 1/2 hour to work but it seems to help. They also gave me a cannabinol patch to use at night fir the severe itch in my head from the shingles. Also a vape two puffs as needed for the itch break through which I have not tried yet. I’m a bit anxious about using it.


    I am really against opioids and much prefer natural treatments but was forced to take them before I found out about CBD. Ever since I took some of this, I felt much improvement in my stress levels and the heavy feeling in my chest. And the best part, I don’t even have to take a lot because I was afraid it was going to cost too much. To tell you the truth, I tried a couple of different brands and some of the others I needed to take a lot more than this one here at CBDTweet, so I am not sure why different brands have different results, I am by no means an expert here on this whole thing, but I may still experiment with other brands but so far this is making me much less miserable than before and the cost effectiveness is really important to me as well in my remedial salary. FYI I take 1/3 of a dropper per day for now… we’ll see if I have to amp it up as the months go by, not enough trial yet.


    It is good that CBD helps with your anxiety. I have taken one half, 1/2 of a dropper,and it helps my anxiety, too. Anxiety is so much more prevalent during this time of Covid-19. CBD can also help with sleep issues, like with insomnia and nightmares, such as those stemming from PTSD. It has helped my migraines, too. Sometimes,I take it in conjunction with an NSAID, such as Aleve. I only take one tablet of the Aleve, and CBD can interact with certain types of anxiety medications, such as the benzodiazepines, of which class Valium, Xanax, and Ativan belong.


    A high dosage of Delta-9 THC is the main component of the cannabis Sativa plant, and can induce anxiety and psychotic-like effects in healthy subjects. These symptoms are in turn reduced by CBD, which counteracts these effects. This observation led scientists to believe that CBD could have antipsychotic, as well as anxiolytic properties. The latter term refers to anti-anxiety properties.

    Studies in both animal and healthy human models clearly indicate that there is an anxiolytic-like effect from CBD. CBD has also been shown to possess antipsychotic-like properties, as has been demonstrated in animal subjects by using behavioral and neurochemical methods. The psychopharmacological profile of CBD is similar to that of the newer, atypical antipsychotic medications. Open case reports of patients with schizophrenia who have been treated with CBD, and a preliminary report of a controlled study, have compared CBD with an atypical antipsychotic medication, and CBD was demonstrated to be a safe and well tolerated alternative treatment for schizophrenia.

    The anxiolytic effects of CBD have been demonstrated by a double-blind study performed on human volunteers. After scans of the brains of these subjects after a public speaking event, CBD produced an obvious anti-anxiety effect, and showed a pattern of improved brain activity, with a comparable reduction in anxiolytic activity. These data on healthy subjects demonstrated the anxiolytic effects of CBD.

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    In addition to the aforementioned anxiolytic effects of CBD, it has been shown to have the ability to alleviate symptoms of psychosis, as well. This finding was brought to light in 1995, when a single case study became the inception of a continuing basis of research on the potential benefits of CBD on schizophrenia. In this case study, a 19 year old female patient was suffering from the typical symptoms of schizophrenia. These symptoms of thought delusions and hostility, as well as suspiciousness, were treated with cannabidiol, and the researchers who conducted the trial noticed improvements in several areas.

    Specifically, improvements were noted in the areas of the above mentioned characteristics of thought disturbance, suspiciousness and hostility, which are characteristics of schizophrenia. In the 26 years since this study’s findings were published, many other researchers became empowered to conduct further research on the potential relationship between schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders and CBD.

    The 19 year old female patient with schizophrenia had hormonal side effects related to the use of the typically prescribed neuroleptics, or antipsychotics. Her improvement with the treatment of cannabidiol was noted on all of the terms of the rating scale known as the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, which encompasses the symptoms described above, including disordered thoughts and hostility or anger. The drug effect that was observed from the CBD was similar to those from the antipsychotic medication.

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