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    What do you think about using CBD for Schizophrenia? Anyone have experience?


    In addition to whatever else might be recommended, it can be effective, but maybe not just all alone. My nephew tried CBD and there was an “immediate” effect of calmess by using medium strength here and there, with a vegan + gluten free diet.

    When stressed he has a smoothie with CBD oil, sarcozine, lionsmane, L-Theanine, or lemon balm/vitamin D3 for the calming effect. At the last get together with tons of people he did super well with pretty much everyone he gad met before.


    Me and my daughter’s’s relation has done a 180 recently for the better. CBD seems to help her so much that I can actually relax more often. Sending best wishes to you too!!!


    My oldest son takes 2 anti-psychotics and had depression plus several other problematic symptoms. It seems the CBD oils helped a little. He told me that what he felt was the heaviness he felt before was a little “lighter” and his feelings of depression were more manageable. He will continue to use it he says.

    Liz S

    Am so glad that CBD has helped all of your relatives to some degree. It has helped with my anxiety and sleeplessness, in a small dosage. I take it when needed, and also take a prescription medication. I agree that it might need to be used together with prescribed medications, and it does help my migraines by itself, when Aleve fails to help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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