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    Liz S

    As it has been in the process of being further studied since the Farm Bill of 2018,CBD has many healing properties, and can be useful in managing mental health conditions. These include secondary ones, such as conditions brought on by today’s new challenges with work-related stress, such as anxiety and tension. Responses and dosages will vary on an individual basis, but at this time, physical and social distancing will likely cause more people to feel isolated, temporarily or clinically depressed, or anxious. A suggestion would be to have as much emotional contact as possible, and to consider CBD in its many forms, as an adjunct to prescription medication, as approved by a doctor, or on its own, if no medication is indicated.

    The CBD industry will likely continue to grow, by the year 2022, as was projected back in 2018, and this might occur sooner. It has useful properties and benefits, and fewer side effects than many pharmaceuticals.


    I could really use some CBD right now, from the stress of a vacation. But does anyone know if it interacts with direct sunlight? I did see a CBD shop at the New Jersey shore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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