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    Momma Mia

    It is recommended that if a person wishes to try CBD for anxiety that he or she should look for a third party tested substance. This testing is done in a laboratory, and is kind of a stamp of approval. It is also generally agreed that if a person chooses to take CBD oil, he or she should start with low dosages. Then, gradually increasing the dose is indicated, since taking too much can make a person sleepy. When taken for a fear of public speaking, as a general example, CBD can help this type of social anxiety disorder, or SAD, as we talked about here. It tends to help to alleviate a lot of the anxiety related symptoms. 600 mg of CBD on a daily basis relieved and reduced the anxiety experienced by people who have SAD, but larger doses of CBD did not help.

    There is also a need to study CBD for treating post traumatic stress disorder, in both veterans and non-veterans. Psychoactive compounds such as recreational cannabis, with high amounts of THC, and alcohol, can increase the risk of PTSD, in those who attempt to alleviate the PTSD in this manner. But growing evidence suggests that CBD oil can break the trend and tendency, possibly early and permanently. CBD in higher doses can help to break the association of perceived fear and fear response.

    A PhD assistant professor of psychiatry stated that other drugs currently being studied for PTSD help with fear in the moment, or more acutely. CBD therefore is believed to have more long lasting effects, and that larger studies in veterans are currently being performed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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