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    Sometimes I read all these things that CBD can help with and it sounds way too magical. Like how much is really placebo and how much is actual “medicine” etc. I mean I know people who says it helps, but I am wondering really how it works. I asked a doctor last week and even he was like saying the same stuff as everyone else. He didnt say anything bad but he didnt say he will start taking it today, but he DID say he had patients who swear by it so……. SO much research to still do here.


    Yes, true. Much more research and further study are needed. Cannabidiol can help alleviate various types of chronic pain, such as that caused by nerve pain, sports injuries, and cancer pain. This means it is not a replacement for serious conditions, such as cancer, but it has been shown to work with the body’s own pain response systems, to promote pain relief. Cannabidiol also has fewer side effects and very low risk for dependency, unlike the opioid analgesics, or painkillers. It is important to inform the doctor, as well as to be informed, when you take it, such as the correct therapeutic dosage, and which form is best for each person, on an individual basis. CBD with a low percentage of THC, or .03%, is usually best, since it does not produce a euphoric or floaty feeling, and is non psychoactive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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