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    After much new information about Delta-8 THC, Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency will start to further regulate the compound beginning on October 11th. Delta-8 has been a compound which was not strictly governed. It is derived from the cannabis plant, as we know on here, and it induces a similar euphoric feeling, but without certain exaggerated and heightened senses of anxiety and paranoid feelings. These occur at a more intense level from Delta-9 THC.

    Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, signed a new series of cannabis bills on Tuesday, July 13th. Prior to her signing these new bills, Delta-8 had blurry legality, since laws in the state solely addressed Delta-9 THC. This strain is more potent, as mentioned above, and is more sought after and in demand by licensed cannabis producers.

    The demand for more potent cannabis led to different types of businesses’ selling of Delta-8 THC products. Some of these are online vendors and also gas station stores. Many of these businesses sold this type of cannabis without product testing, licensing and other regulations put forth for recreational cannabis. In addition, some cannabis processors and manufacturers were using a process to extract Delta-8 THC from legalized hemp. Hemp is the form of cannabis which contains less than .3% of THC. Greater than this content of THC constitutes Delta-9 THC. Further complicating these practices is that hemp is not regulated under state cannabis laws.

    Some legislators drew a comparison between Delta-8 THC to the bath salt craze,which is a synthetic drug that came into the market almost one decade ago because of legal loopholes.

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