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    Liz S

    The commission for the state of New Jersey will begin its first rules and regulations to regulate cannabis sales. This milestone will launch a process which has been years in the making for the sale of cannabis in the Garden State.

    The Cannabis Regulatory Commission met on Thursday at noon and adopted rules according to the latest plan. The law for the legalization of cannabis was signed by Governor Phil Murphy in February, and a deadline of August 21st was set for the commission to establish the ruling for cannabis. The law illustrates the types of licenses for cannabis businesses that will be available in New Jersey, but the commission still maintains a lot of power to control the businesses. It will supervise the licensing for new businesses as well as mandate the allocation of tax revenue to communities adversely affected by illegal cannabis.

    The commission will first adopt the rules and then there will be a finite amount of time of when legal cannabis sales can begin. The panel of the cannabis commission will have the final say on when cannabis sales can commence, and it must decide on a date within 180 days of August 19th.

    Currently, New Jersey only licenses businesses to grow, process and sell medical cannabis to patients who are licensed to receive it. With the new regulations, the state will also be allowed to sell cannabis, through dispensaries, to adults aged 21 years and older, once they have enough cannabis to meet medical patients’ needs.


    Yes, these regulations are currently undergoing further amendments, in virtually every state where cannabis can be bought and or sold. In March of this year, after less than one month of legalized cannabis in New Jersey, the state was already seeking to modify the laws. These changes were initiated and pushed for by various interest groups. This was due to the fact that the cannabis industry was rapidly expanding.

    The first change, which was talked about in the forum, was the provision that police officers should be prevented from notifying the parents of minors in possession of cannabis for the first offense. The officers felt that the ruling would leave parents in the dark as far as children or teens’ possession of cannabis. They were also joined in agreement by both parents and by officials in public office.

    Another change in cannabis regulations was in employers’ having more control over employees who were believed to be consuming cannabis on the job, or who were thought to be impaired. There were discussions held that stated that critical occupations, such as police departments, could completely ban workers from using cannabis.

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